VCF Officers 2016-2017
Officer Person, City of Residence
President Adam Chrisney, Fairfax Station, VA
(Appointed Position)
Mike Hoffpauir, Yorktown, VA
Membership Secretary
(Appointed Position)
Ernest Schlich, Norfolk, VA
Looking for a Volunteer to Take this on
Newsletter Editor
(Appointed Position)
Macon Shibut, Vienna, VA
Scholastic Chairman
(Appointed Position)
Michael Callaham, Richmond, VA
Women's Chess Coordinator
(Appointed Position)
Tina Schweiss, Virginia Beach, VA

VCF Board of Directors 2016-2017

Director's Title Person, City of Residence
Chairman Mike Hoffpauir, Yorktown, VA
Vice Chairman Andrew Rea, Fairfax, VA
Executive Secretary Ernest Schlich, Norfolk, VA
Member-at-Large Adam Chrisney, Fairfax Station, VA
Member-at-Large Michael Callaham, Richmond, VA

Current as of Saturday, September 3, 2016

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