Board of Directors & Members in Appointed Positions

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors (VCF ByLaws, Article 4, Section 1)
Elected by the General Membership on August 31, 2019 at the Annual Membership Meeting in Glen Allen, VA
Position:  Name of Officer From Contact Information
VCF President: NTD, IA Anand Dommalapati Centreville
VCF Vice President:  NM, Sr TD Andy Rea Alexandria
Executive Secretary:  NTD, FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown
Member-at-Large:  Local TD Michael Callaham Richmond
Member-at-Large:  (Vacant) Vacant  
Members who serve in Appointed Positions (VCF ByLaws, Article 4, Section 3)
Appointed as required by the President or Board of Directors
Appointed Position:  Member's Name From Contact Information
Treasurer:  NTD, FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown
VCF Newsletter Editor:  FM Macon Shibut Vienna
Women's Chess Coordinator:  TBD Vacant TBD
Scholastic Chess Coordinator:  (Vacant) Vacant TBD
Membership Secretary:  Local TD Georgina Chin Herndon
Web Master:  NTD, FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes:      2019 2018

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