Top Players by Grade-Group

Invitations have sent to all Eligible Players from the Top 10 Lists
If a player has declined, that Player's berth has already been passed to the next Eligible Player
Information below is current as of 11PM, Tuesday April 13, 2021

Top 10 K-3 Players -- ALL 10 HAVE ACCEPTED Top 10 K-5 Players
# Player Decision # Player Decision
1 Yehamandram Sridhar, Jagadeeshwa Accept 1 Levine, Owen Accept
2 Huang, Lucia Accept 2 Bhaskar, Neel Accept
3 Nguyen, Xander Accept 3 Zhuang, Kyle Accept
4 Sinkar, Anagha Accept 4 Crowell, Trista No decision yet
5 Jackson, Maddox Accept 5 Murugan Ayyappan, Adhiraiyan Accept
6 Plaskey, Alan E Accept 6 Bilakanti, Aaditya No decision yet
7 Kokhan, Nicholas Accept 7 Routman, Kelsey Accept
8 Pattnaik, Shrihan Accept 8 Rajeev, Ameya No decision yet
9 Baim, Emin Accept 9 Shen, Kevin Accept
10 Zhang, Zelman Accept 10 Guo, Ryan X Accept
11 Shi, Drake Not Invited Yet 11 Ari, Srinandasai Not Invited Yet
12 Emerson-Coyle, Delilah M Not Invited Yet 12 Tan, Bryan Not Invited Yet
13 Wells, Kenneth C Not Invited Yet 13 Shetty, Darsh Not Invited Yet
14 Crowell, Ashlyn Not Invited Yet 14 Giridhar, Sana Not Invited Yet
15 Fuller, Timothy Not Invited Yet 15 DIAO, MATTHEW GUO Not Invited Yet
Top 10 K-8 Players Top 10 K-12 Players
# Player Decision # Player Decision
1 Mundayat, Abinav Rajiv Accept 1 Paul, Justin Accept
2 Wilson, Ronen Accept 2 Morefield, Jason P Accept
3 Tay, Brian Accept 3 Huang, Andy Decline
4 Yehamandram Sridhar, Yogeshwar Accept 4 McCoy, Owen No decision yet
5 Gupta, Arnav Tamnash Accept 5 Bonam, Saigautam No decision yet
6 Su, Kevin Accept 6 Ling, Evan M Accept
7 Pillai, Adithya Accept 7 Heller, Garrett No decision yet
8 Slate, Kent Accept 8 Prem, Pranav Accept
9 Guo, Edward No decision yet 9 Davis, Geoffrey C Decline
10 Vinod, Aarush Accept 10 Tunc, Skyler No decision yet
11 Dunn, Jack Not Invited Yet 11 Cardwell, Guy Accept
12 He, Samuel Not Invited Yet 12 Patsuk, Sergey Accept
13 Baim, Elvin Not Invited Yet 13 Brady, Tyson Not Invited Yet
14 Xiong, Lang L Not Invited Yet 14 Nair, Siddhant Not Invited Yet
15 Vijayram, Avnith X Not Invited Yet 15 Dommalapati, Aasa Not Invited Yet