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2019 Virginia Commonwealth Games
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As of Friday June 28, 2019 at 8am

OPEN SECTION (0 Registered Players)

For Adults and Advanced Scholastic Players (e.g. rated over 1200)

Start Times and Time Control for each round
   - Round 1:  10 AM, Game-45, with 5-second time delay
   - Round 2:  12:15 PM, same as Round 1
   - Round 3:  2:30 PM, Game-60, with 5 second time delay
   - Round 4:  5:30 PM, same as Round 3

US Chess Federation membership is required to play in this section.



All games played with Time Control of Game-40, with 5 second time delay
   - Round 1:  10 AM Saturday morning
   - Rounds 2-4:  Played as soon as possible after the previous round ends

US Chess Federation membership is NOT required.

Grades 6-12 Section (0 Registered Players)

Grades K-5 Section (0 Registered Players)