Virginia Chess Federation

83rd Virginia Closed Chess Championship

TWO TOURNAMENTS -- Friday Night Blitz on Aug 30
and the Main Event on Aug 31 to Sept 2 (Saturday - Monday)

Note:  The Main Event has 2 playing schedules and 3 Sections


VCF Annual Membership / Business Meeting is Saturday, August 31 from 9-11AM

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Tournament Location

Hilton Garden Inn Innsbrook, 4050 Cox Rd, Glen Allen, VA.  Call the hotel at (804)521-2900 by Thursday Aug 8th for reservations, ask for the "Virginia Closed Chess Rate" of $94 per night plus taxes

Questions Click here to ask a Question to the Chief TD & Organizer, Mike Hoffpauir

Who can Play?

Event Format?


Eligibility:  The Main Event is open to all Virginia residents, military stationed in Virginia, and students attending any Virginia school or college (must show student ID or other proof of Fall 2019 school enrollment).

Format 6 Rounds using the Swiss-System format.  There will be two event Schedules, see below.  All 3 Sections will be USCF Rated.

The Main Event on Saturday - Monday has 3 Sections $5,000 in Cash Prizes based on 90 paid players

Choose from the Sections below based on your playing strength and competitive desires.  Play in all 3 sections is USCF rated, so a current US Chess Federation membership is required for all players.

  1) Championship:  1st-$900+Champion's Plaque;   2nd-$650;   3rd-$450;  Top Expert and Top Class A, $200 each + Trophy. 

  2) Amateur (Under 1800):  1st-$600+Champion's Plaque;  2nd-$400;  3rd-$300;  Top Class C & Class D, $150 each + Trophy. 

  3) Under-1200 & Unrated:  1st-$400+Trophy;  2nd-$300 3rd-$200;  Top Unrated-$100;  Trophies to Top U-1000, U-800, and U600.  Unrated player winning a place prize is limited to $250.

-- Up to two (2) Half-Point byes are available, but they must be "locked in" no later than 30 minutes before the start of Round 2.  See Tournament Schedule below for the cut-off times for your optional half-point byes.

How to ENTER Two Ways to Enter ...
1. On-Line:   Click Here
or click the button to Register ON LINE NOW ... Enter ON LINE Now!!

2. On-Site. 
On-site Entry is at the Hotel on Friday evening (5-9PM) or Saturday from 8AM - 12 Noon for the Long Schedule.  Registration for the Short Schedule continues until 4PM. 

Tournament Schedule
Entry Fees

Friday Night Blitz on August 30th

  • 4 or 5 Rounds, depending on the number of players who enter. 

  • ANYONE can play Blitz.  You DO NOT need to be a Virginia Resident to play Blitz.

  • Pairings and Ratings:  All players will be paired using the HIGHER of your Blitz and Regular US Chess Ratings for August 2019.

  • Registration:  Closes at 6:30PM; Round 1 is at 7PM sharp!! 

  • Time Control:  Game in 5 minutes, no time delay.  You play 2 games each Round, one game as Black and one as White. 

  • Entry Fee$35 by Saturday Aug 24th, $45 starting Aug 25th and on-site.

  • How to Enter:  See "Tournament Registration" below.

THE MAIN EVENT on Sat through Mon (Aug 31st to Sept 2nd) HAS TWO SCHEDULE OPTIONS

Long Schedule:  Time Control is 30/90, SD/1, d5 (e.g. 30 moves in the first 90 minutes per player, then complete the game in 1 hour per player, with a 5-second time delay throughout the game)
-- Saturday:  Rd 1 at 1PM;   Rd 2 at 7PM.  Your optional 1 or 2 Half-point Byes must be "locked in" by 6:30 PM
-- Sunday:  Rd 3 at 11AM;  Rd 4 at 5PM
-- Monday;  Rd 5 at 9:30AM,  Rd 6 at 3:30PM

Short ScheduleTime Control is G/60, d5 (e.g. 60 minues per player, with 5-second time delay)
-- Saturday:  Rd 1 at 5PM;  Rd 2 at 8PM.  Your optional 1 or 2 Half-point Byes must be "locked in" by 7:30 PM
-- Sunday and Monday ... All Short Schedule players are merged into the Long Schedule

"Re-Entry":  A player who loses in Round 1 can "re-enter" the tournament by paying the $40 Re-Entry Fee.  In other words:
-- If you lose your Rd 1 game, you can re-enter the tournament in the Short Schedule, or you can re-enter the tournament by taking a 1/2-point bye in Rd 1 and playing in Rd 2 of the Long Schedule.
-- If you re-enter into the Short Schedule, you will play a new Rd 1 game at 5PM.  Your previous Rd 1 game only counts for "rating points."  So if you lose in your "new" Round 1 game, you get 0 points for Round 1, and if you win you get a full point for Round 1.
-- If you decide to Re-enter into Round 2 of the Long Schedule, you receive a 1/2-Point Bye for Rd 1 and then play Rd 2 with the Long Schedule at 7PM.

Entry Fees & Deadlines:  Main Event is $85 if paid on line or post-marked by Saturday Aug 24th; increases to $100 starting Sunday Aug 25th and at the Tournament.  

FREE ENTRY to any person who has won the Open Section 3 or more times--Contact Mike Hoffpauir to enter.

What to Bring Please bring your Chess Set, Chess Clock (delay capable), and your favorite score book.
Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Cell Phones:  If you bring one in the Playing Hall, it must be TURNED OFF and you must leave it ON YOUR TABLE IN PLAIN VIEW at all times during your game. 
-- Phone rings is a 10-min penalty. 
-- If you use your phone to text, or you talk on it during your game without the TD's permission, you most likely will forfeit your game and you may be removed from the tournament.

Headphones, iWatches, iPads, Ear-Buds ... any device capable of transmitting or receiving communications:  NOT ALLOWED !!

Electronic Notation Devices:  The Monrois, E-notate, PlyCount and ChessNoteR are the only authorized Electronic Notation Devices allowed.  If you use these, be sure you know how to put it in "notation" mode if your opponent asks to borrow your score book.  ALSO, if your battery dies on your device, you must take manual notation.

Click Here to see the VA Chess Federation's complete policy on Electronic Devices

Questions Click here to ask a Question to the Chief TD & Organizer, Mike Hoffpauir, or contact Mike at 757-846-4805 (Cell or Text)