Virginia Chess Federation
53rd Virginia Open
RE-SCHEDULED TO July 24-26, 2020 (Friday evening through Sunday)

40 Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points -- US Chess Junior Grand Prix -- VCF Cup

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Tournament Location

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel

45020 Aviation Dr., Dulles, VA 20166.

Rooms $115 Chess Rate, plus taxes, Call 703-471-9500 to reserve.
*** Reserve your room by Saturday, July 4th, 2020 ***

Round 1 is 7:30 PM on Friday July 24th

Who can Play?

Event Format?


US Chess (USCF) membership required of all players.  Virginia Residents must have active VCF memberships.

(** Change **) Prizes Projected Prize Payout of $4,600.00 based on 120 paid entries.  The VCF will Guarantee ALL PLACE PRIZES, e.g. 1st-4th place in the Open Section and 1st-3rd place in the U1900 Section (see below).

  • NOTE: This status change from a Guaranteed to a Projected prize fund has been authorized by the US Chess Federation Executive Board as of March 4, 2020 for all Grand Prix events because of the threat the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) poses to participation in tournaments.  According to the US Chess policy change, the event organizer must have their 'based on' number of players amount equal to the number of players in the previous year's event.  We had 120 players last year.

Format 5 Rounds using the Swiss-System format, with Players playing in two sections:  The Open Section will be paired and played using FIDE Pairing Rules and US Chess July ratings.  The Under 1900 Section will be paired and played using US Chess Rules and July ratings.

      1) OpenUSCF and FIDE-Rated1st-$950 and Champion's Plaque;   2nd-$600;   3rd-$375;   4th-$250.  Top Expert and Top Class A, $225 each--awarded using USCF ratings.   FIDE RULES with a 30-minute "no show" rule (e.g. if you are late by more than 30 min, you lose your game).  Players will be PAIRED using their US Chess Ratings from the JULY 2020 Rating Supplement.

      FIDE vs. USCF Rules 

      2) Amateur (Under 1900):  USCF Rated, USCF Rules.  1st-$600 and Champion's Plaque;  2nd-$3503rd-$210 ... ALL GUARANTEED.  Top Class B, C, D, each $175.  Top U1200 $170.  Top Unrated $130.  Trophies to Top Under 1000, U800 and U600.  Unrated Players limited to maximum of $250 in winnings and must play in the Amateur Section.  Same Time Control as Open Section. 

Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 24 Round 1 at 7:30 PM.  Time Control is Game-90, with a 30-second Time Increment (e.g. each player has 90 minutes to complete all of their moves, with 30 seconds added for each move)ON SITE REGISTRATION will close on Friday evening at 6:45 for players wanting to enter Round 1.

Saturday, July 25Round 2 at 10 AM Time Control is Game-90, with a 30-second Time Increment.  Round 3 is at 3PM with a Time Control of 40/90, SD/30, increment 30 (e.g. 90 minutes per player for the first 40 moves, then 30 minutes per player to make all remaining moves ... with 30 seconds added to your time for each move throughout the entire game)
   -- Anyone wishing an optional Half-point Bye for Rds 2-5 must "locked it in" with the Tournament Director / Arbiter by 9 AM Saturday morning

Sunday, July 26 Rounds 4 and 5 at 10 AM and 4:30 PM with the same Time Control as Round 3.

"Re-Entry" Allowed A player who loses in Round 1 can "re-enter" the tournament by paying the $40 Re-Entry Fee.  In other words:
-- If you lose your Round 1 game, you can re-enter the tournament and get credit for a 1/2-point bye in Round 1.  If you take this option you may not take any additional half-point Byes.
-- If you wish to re-enter, you must do so by 9AM on SATURDAY morning.

Entry Fees
Tournament Registration
Entry Fee:  $85 until Saturday July 18th; $100 starting Sunday July 19th and at the Tournament site.  We will retain $5 of your entry for pre-tournament withdrawals.  Full entry fee will be returned if the event is cancelled or postponed again due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

THREE ways for you to enter:  On-Line, or On-Site
1. On-LineClick here or press on the "Register NOW!!" button below
    Register NOW!!

2. Mail-inClick here to open and fill-out the form, then mail it to us using the instructions on the form.

3. On-Site:  Open 4:30 PM - 6:45 PM on Friday at the Hotel.

What to Bring Please bring your Chess Set and Chess Clock.  Your clock MUST BE increment capable, Delay-only or Analog clocks are not allowed.
Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Cell Phones:  If you bring one in the Playing Hall, it must be TURNED OFF and you must leave it ON YOUR TABLE, FACE DOWN, and IN PLAIN VIEW at all times during your game. 
-- Phone rings is a 10-min penalty. 
-- If you use your phone to text, or you talk on it during your game without the TD's permission, you most likely will forfeit your game and you may be removed from the tournament.

Headphones, iWatches, iPads, Ear-Buds ... any device capable of transmitting or receiving communications:  NOT ALLOWED !!

(** Updated **)  Electronic Notation Devices (ENDs):  ENDs are allowed in the AMATEUR SECTION ONLY.  The Monrois, PlyCount and ChessNoteR are the only authorized Electronic Notation Devices allowed (eNotate devices are no longer authorized).  If you use these, be sure you know how to put your END in "notation" mode when your opponent asks to borrow your score book.  ALSO, if your battery dies on your END, you must take manual notation.   ENDs may not be used in the Championship Section because it is FIDE-rated.

Click Here to see the VA Chess Federation's complete policy on Electronic Devices (effective 1 January 2019)

Questions Click here to ask a Question by email to the Chief TD, FIDE Arbiter Andrew Rea