2018 David Zofchak Memorial

Directions and information


Take I 64 into Norfolk.  Exit at exit 282 onto Northampton Blvd. 

There are two ways to exit onto Northampton Blvd. The far right exit lanes off the ramp may make you miss the turn for the hotel
While on the exit ramp, take the 2 exit lanes to the left but you will turn right so be in the right of those two lanes for a right turn.
You will need to be in the far left lane on Northampton Blvd as the left hand turn to the hotel is very close.

There is construction as you come into the hotel area. Go all the way to the hotel before turning left.
Here are a couple of pictures of that turn. Go entirely past the construction area. You will cross a short unpaved area where the cone in the left  picture is on it's side
Drive past the hotel lobby entrance and then go right along the hotel. Use the far left door for the tournament.


hotel entrance        hotel entrance