2019 David Zofchak Memorial


Directions and information for the Sleep Inn Lake Wright

1521 Premium Outlets Blvd; Building B Norfolk, VA, United States


When going East on I-64 from Hampton


Follow I-64 to exit 282 for Northampton Blvd.

Turn right onto Northamption Blvd. You will pass under I=64 and are close to  Premium Outlets Blvd. Get into the left most lane as soon as possible. After you turn onto  Premium Outlets Blvd. the hotel entrance is on the left.


When going West on I-64 from Virgina Beach

This is not the same exit point for exit 282 as when going East

Take I 64 into Norfolk.  Exit at exit 282 onto Northampton Blvd. 

There are two ways to exit right onto Northampton Blvd. The far right exit stays to the right and will make you miss the left turn for the hotel
While on the exit ramp, take the middle right exit lane. You will need to be in the far left lane on Northampton Blvd as the left hand turn to Premium Outlets Blvd. and the hotel is very close. After you turn onto  Premium Outlets Blvd. the hotel entrance is on the left.


When at the hotel as you near  Premium Outlets Blvd.


The entrances to the tournament room face Northampton Blvd. as you pass the hotel on the left before turning onto  Premium Outlets Blvd.  The entrance to the hotel is on the left from  Premium Outlets Blvd.  After turning into the hotel area, go left and then right to the front of the hotel facing Northampton Blvd for parking. This avoids the entrance door to the registration desk. A new restaurant has been added in front of the hotel and the patrons can use the parking in front of the conference entrance. You may have to park on the left side of the hotel  as you face the confrence area. This is the most convenient parking for the tournament area  if there are no spaces in the front. The door farthest to the left of the conference area is closest to the tournament room.

There are two new fast food restaurants in front of the hotel. Chick-Fil-A is on and the other is under construction right now. I understand it will be a barbaque style restaurant

There are several fast food restaurants to the left as you exit Premium Outlets Blvd.

There are several more restaurants on Military Hwy. Go right off Premium Outlets Blvd. and go about 1 1/2 miles to Military Hwy and turn left and you will find them within 1 to 2 miles. The IKEA close to the I-64 exit has food.