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Page updated January 23, 2022 by Mike Hoffpauir, VCF Executive Secretary and Treasurer

We developed this part of our website to solicit your help in helping us fulfill our 501(c)(3) Non-profit mission.  Our Mission Statement prescribes the kinds of activities that we are designed to assist (see highlighted text below).
Quote from the VCF ByLaws:  The VCF is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including promotion of the play of chess and tournament chess; promoting, stimulating and encouraging the study and play of the game of chess as a means of developing the intellectual powers, disseminating information relative to the history and science of chess; teaching and cooperating with others in the teaching of the fundamentals of chess to persons of all ages and particularly, but not by way of limitation, to students, members of the armed services of the United States, underprivileged persons, Senior Citizens, prisoners, and hospitalized and physically handicapped persons; donating chess equipment to schools, colleges, hospitals, military installations, community centers, and similar institutions, sponsoring, supervising, and conducting chess tournaments for Juniors as a means of recreation and of combating juvenile delinquency; sponsoring, supervising and conducting chess tournaments for members of the armed services of the United States, cooperating with the United States Government in selecting, training and improving the caliber of candidates representing the United States in international competition, and assisting in financing the participation of candidates representing the United States in such competitions; and, in addition, the making of distribution to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under the Section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of the future Tax Code.
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Frequently asked Questions 1.  How do I prove that I made a donation to VCF so I can get my Tax Deduction?  After you make a donation, we will send you a written receipt, signed by the President, Executive Secretary, or Treasurer.  The receipt will provide the information you need when filing your federal income taxes.  You will receive your receipt within 30 days by US Mail or email.

2.  Can I target my donation to help a specific school or player?  No, unfortunately this is not allowed by the IRS.  Monies donated to the VCF must support broad categories like the ones we highlight in the mission statement.  If you have a question, ask us.  In general, you can, however, state an area of focus for your donation.  Here are a few examples: 
    - Under privileged youths in Richmond
    - Community Centers in Alexandria VA
    - Chess Programs run by Roanoke City Public Schools
    - Virginia Players representing the state at Scholastic National tournaments for the next 5 years

3.  If I make a donation, will my name and/or the amount I donated appear on your Website?  Only if you want us to do this.  When you make your donation, this is one of the questions we ask you.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we will NOT publicize your name.  Your donation would appear similar to this:  "$100 donated on (date) to support Chess Clubs in Fairfax County Schools."

4.  Can companies make donations to the VCF for Tax Deduction purposes?  Yes, absolutely.

5.  How do I know how my money was used?  You can track this on our page called "Your Contributions at Work."  See what my Donation is doing ...

6.  Are there other ways to donate besides money?  Yes.  For example, you could purchase 25 chess sets from US Chess and then donate those sets to VCF so we can donate them to schools and new clubs, etc.  If you did this, we would need a copy of your Receipt so that we could generate an appropriate Tax Deduction memo for you to use when you file your federal income taxes.  What is not allowed, however, is a donation that is targeted to a specific individual or school chess program.  So, before you make a donation on your own, talk to us.
QUESTIONS? Have a Question?  Ask either Mike or Adam ...

- Click here to ask a Question to VCF Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Mike Hoffpauir, or contact Mike at 757-846-4805 (Cell or Text).

- Click here to ask a Question to VCF President, Anand Dommalapati.