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Updated December 21, 2022 by Mike Hoffpauir

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  • All Parents & Friends Games are played on Saturday and Sunday, March 25th and 26th.  Round 1 is at 12:45 pm on Saturday ... 15-minutes after the start of Round 2 in the Scholastic Main Event.

  • Cell Phone Policy and Policy for other Electronic Devices (other than clocks and USCF-approved Electronic Notation Devices).  CELL PHONES must be turned off while your game is in progress and placed face-down on the table at your board.  A phone that rings means a 10-minute time penalty for the offending player.  A player who answers his/her cell phone, or is "texting" during play, will forfeit their current game.

  • Entry is $30 through March 18th. Entry increases to $35 at the tournament site.
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  • Round Times ... there are 4 rounds (2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday):

    • Saturday, March 25th:  Round 1 at 12:45PM,  Round 2 at 4:45PM.  Time Control for Round 1 is Game-45 with a 5-second time increment.  Time Control for Round 2 is Game-60 with a 5-second time increment.

    • Sunday, March 26th:  Round 3 at 8:45 AM, and Round 4 at 12:45 PM.  The Time Control for both rounds is Game-60 with a 5-second time increment.

    • Each player may request ONE half-point bye, which must be declared or changed no later than 30 minutes BEFORE the start of Round 2 in the Parents & Friends tournament.

  • Player Eligibility:

    • Any Adult Player may play in this event.  Players who are eligible to play in the Scholastic or College events MAY NOT participate in the Parents & Friends tournament.

    • ALL PLAYERS must be active members of the US Chess Federation. To join the USCF, or to renew your existing membership, click here.

    • Please direct any Eligibility Questions to Mike Hoffpauir as shown at the bottom of this page.

  • All players play in ONE section.

  • Prizes

    • There are no cash prizes or trophies for this tournament.

    • All prizes are GIFT CERTIFICATES to our Book Store.  YOU MAY NOT "cash-in" your prize, you must use your prize certificate for merchandise from the Book Store.

    • Prizes: Depending on the number of players in the P&F event, we usually provide prizes for 1st-4th Place, the Top Under 1600 player, the Top Unrated Player, and the Top Upset. Gift Certificate Amounts are TBD based on total entries we receive. Distribution of these prizes shall be treated as though they are Cash Prizes, with amounts of place prizes split among tied players. In other words, if three players finish with scores of 3.5, then 1st - 3rd places will be shared among those three players.

  • Chess Notation is Required.  Players may use electronic score-keeping (notation) devices approved by the U.S. Chess Federation.

  • For the P&F Tournament, players may use their own Chess Sets and Boards.  We do have extras.  BRING YOUR OWN CLOCK (if you own one) and some pens and pencils.  Clocks, pencils and scorebooks will be available for purchase at our Book Store.

Questions:  Contact Mike Hoffpauir by email, or phone 757-846-4805