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Please do not contact the School about your Team Room

As of Jan 25th, 2020

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  • Please know that this page is for REQUESTING team rooms.  The number of rooms available, and their capacity, are not under the control of the VA Chess Federation.

  • We will allocate Team Rooms based on a combination of Team Size and the Date/Time of your request.  Once we assign specific rooms to teams, we will ask a responsible adult to sign a "Team Room Agreement."  We will email the Agreement form to Room POCs once we determine the final room allocation.

  • Requesting a room requires you to make a $75 Deposit. 

    • We use $50 of your deposit to purchase a gift-certificate to The Teacher Supply Store or Office Max for the teacher whose room you use.

    • If your room is returned in a clean manner, and the Teacher does not notify us of any post-event problems, then we return to you $25 of your Team Room Deposit.

    • We expect to get 15-20 rooms from the school, but those numbers are based on past experience and not on an agreement with the school.

         Request Team Room   <<== Click this button to request a team room.

    • NOTE:  If the size of your team necessitates MORE THAN ONE ROOM, then you will be charged an additional $75 per room, which we will collect from the Team Room POC at the tournament site.

  • # Team Name Players Date of Request POC Paid?
    1 Old Donation School 30 Dec 4 @ 7:57pm Tina Schweiss Yes
    2 Hampton Roads Chess #1 20 Dec 4 @ 7:59 pm Tina Schweiss Yes
    3 Hampton Roads Chess #2 20 Dec 4 @ 8:01 pm Tina Schweiss Yes
    4 Lexington City Schools 15-20 Dec 9 @ 1:58 pm Michelle Drumbl Yes
    5 Alpha Stem Phoenix Chess 10 Dec 14 @ 10:36 pm Ying  Liu Yes
    6 McNair Elementary #1 35 Dec 17 @ 4:54 pm Paul Swaney Yes
    7 McNair Elementary #2 35 Dec 17 @ 4:55 pm Paul Swaney Yes
    8 Shenandoah Valley (looking to share the room with another School ...) 5 Jan 7 @ 8:58 am David Hubbard Yes
    9 Chantilly High School 15 Jan 15 @ 9:47 pm Vivian Cao Dao Yes
    10 Bull Run Elementary 15 Jan 25 @ 8:49 am Chun Ra Yes
    19 Chess Tournament Office n/a n/a Mr. Bart Mebane n/a

If you need information sooner, please contact Mike Hoffpauir by email to, or call Mike at 757-846-4805.