2020-21 VA Scholastic Championships
Qualification Tournament No. 2
Email Info Letter No. 1 (sent Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021)

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Players, Parents, and Coaches:  Over the next few days we will be sending out brief "Information Emails" like this one to talk about 3 or so key topics of interest for the upcoming Qualification Tournament.  In this edition we mention three topics:  1) the Chess Platform, 2) Your chesskid.com account's UserName/Password, and 3) Your Equipment.

1. The Chess Platform:  As you will recall from your entry, we are playing all games on the chesskid.com platform.  You DO NOT need to create a chesskid.com account if you don't have one.  As part of your participation in the tournament you will have access to the platform through the UserName and Password that we assign to you. 

2. Your Account on Chesskid.com:  All players will be assigned a special UserName for this tournament.  This means:
    a.  If you already have a chesskid.com account, DO NOT USE IT to login to Chesskid.com You MUST use the Username and password that we assign to you.  On our tournament page that shows who all has already registered, you can see your Username.  These will be activated 3 or 4 days before the tournament ... they are NOT ACTIVE YET.
    b.  When you login for the first time, you can change your password, BUT DO NOT -- ABSOLUTELY DO NOT -- change the UserName that we provide to you.  If you change the Username we assign to you, or you try to use your actual chess.com account's username, then you will not be paired in the tournament!!
3. Your Equipment:  To participate, you need:
    a.  A reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer.  We also recommend a good mouse or trackball.  DO NOT try to use a tablet computer, cell phone, or Chromebook because they do not work well at all with chesskid.com.  So, if you want to have a reliable and stable connection, don't use a tablet, cellphone or Chromebook.    
    b. To practice your online playing skills.  If you have never played online chess before, IT IS DIFFERENT.  You don't want your first online chess experience to be this tournament.  Play some online chess before the event.  In online chess, there is no "touch-move" rule, and if you slip-up and drop your piece on a legal square, the move counts and cannot be reversed.  If you don't have a chesskid.com account, you can create one for free and play online--just go to chesskid.com and sign up.  Any games you win or lose while "practicing" do not factor into any rating we are using for the upcoming Qualification Tournament.

In the next two or three editions, we will talk about these subjects, among others:
    1) Fair Play and how we are monitoring everyone for violations of fair play (e.g. cheating)
    2) What Chess Ratings we are using for the Pairings
    3) How you earn points for your school team
    4) On tournament day, how your games will be started
    5) On tournament day, when you need to be online and ready to play
    6) On tournament day, where to find the pairings and standings ... and how to understand "who" it is you are playing
    7) On tournament day, how you need to report a problem with your game

FINALLY:  We will be hosting two or three ONLINE PRE-EVENT MEETINGS for parents and players.  We are scheduling them for 8PM EST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Feb 23rd, 24th and 25th.  We will send out the eVites separately for these sessions--you can attend any evening that you wish.  They are all the same.  
Even if you played in Online Qualifier No. 1, we strongly recommend you attend!!

Mike Hoffpauir
VA Chess Federation
National Tournament Director
Cell (757)846-4805
email to: