2020-21 VA Scholastic Championships
Qualification Tournament No. 3

Email Info Letter No. 3 (sent Tuesday, March 16, 2021)

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Players, Parents and Coaches:

This is the 3rd and final Information Email for you in preparation for this coming weekend's Scholastic Qualification Tournament.  Round 1 is at 10AM on Saturday, March 20th with all games to be held on Chesskid.com

If you messed Info Email 1 or go to www.vachess.org and click the link at the top of the home page!

1. Authorized Playing Devices:  To participate in the tournament you must use a desktop or laptop computer.  Do not use (or try to use) a Tablet, Cellphone, or Chromebook as your playing device, neither will work properly according to the leadership of Chesskid.com.  Also please use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, EDGE and Explorer are known to cause problems ... so stay away from them.

2. Where to find the Pairings and Standings:  Go to the VA Chess home page (www.vachess.org).  Select the button for Pairings or Standings.

    - Step 1:  Log in at chesskid.com at least 15 minutes before the appointed start time for each round.  This allows you to ensure you are logged in and your computer is functioning correctly.  Remember, you really really need a reliable internet connection.  When you log-in, USE YOUR "VAQ" Username that we have assigned to you.  If you already have your own personal chesskid.com account, DO NOT USE IT.  Only use the Username that we give to you.  You can see your username online now at the swissys.com web sit.  
    - Step 2:  After you log in, you will see a new screen.  Select the "PLAY VS KID" button (it has a blue-and-white chessboard in it).  Do not select any of the menu options on the left.  
    - Step 3:  Next, a screen with YOUR CHESSBOARD will appear.  Just wait here for your game to be AUTOMATICALLY STARTED by the tournament team.  You do not need to select any buttons or any menu options.  Don't select "New Game", don't select any of the Menu Options on the left, or any of the "Icons" above the white box on the right side of the screen.  JUST WAIT PATIENTLY and your game will start AUTOMATICALLY.
    SPECIAL NOTE:  If, after you finish your tournament game, you wish to challenge and play the same opponent again we will see that additional result.  However, WE WILL IGNORE IT.  We will only accept the result from the first game you played. 
4. What to Do if you Have a Problem?  You will need to use the "Slack Channel" (technical support) for your problem.  
    See the VAQualifier3-SlackInstruction file for information to setup and use your Slack account.

5. To Whom do I report my Game Result?   You DO NOT NEED TO REPORT IT TO ANYONE!!  The Tournament Staff sees all game results online, so we take care of this for you.  You DO NOT need to send your result to us, or "check-out" with us.

Join Pre-Event Meeting
DATES:  Tues, Wed, Thurs -- March 16, 17, 18
Meeting ID: 886 2169 1488
Passcode: VAQ3


Mike Hoffpauir
VA Chess Federation
Cell (757)846-4805
email to: mhoffpauir@aol.com