Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships
Schoolyear 2020-2021

Qualification Tournament #3
Saturday & Sunday, March 20-21, 2021

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What is this Event?
  • This is the home page for Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships Qualification Tournament #3.  This is the 3rd of 3 Qualification Tournament. 

  • There are no more more Qualification Tournament after this one.

  • Through participation in these Qualification Tournaments players earn Team Points for their schools, and individual players qualify to play in the Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships to be held in April or May this year.

  • To maximize your school's Team Points you and your schoolmates should play in ALL THREE tournaments.  Playing in all 3 events also increases your chances to qualify for the State Championship Invitational Tournament!

When is it being Played?

Can I request a Half-point Bye?
  • Saturday and Sunday, March 20-21, 2021.  This is NOT an elimination event, players play all 5 rounds.

  • This is an online tournament being hosted by  You DO NOT need to be a member of to play.  All players will receive an event-specific username for this tournament

  • Rounds 1-3 are on Saturday March 20 at 10AM, 1:30PM and 5:00 PM.  The Time Control for all 3 rounds is Game in 60 minutes, with 10 seconds added for each move.  The "official time" for each player is the time displayed by the virtual chessboard on the player's screen.

  • Rounds 4 and 5 are on Sunday March 21 at 10AM and 3PM.  The Time Control for the Sunday games is Game in 75 minutes, with 10 seconds added for each move.
  • Bye Requests:  Each player is allowed one (1) half-point Bye for any round.  Bye Requests can be made during registration, or as late as one hour before the start of Round 2 on Day 1 of the tournament.  Any Bye requests after this cut-off time can only be for a Zero-point Bye.
  • You do not need a separate chess board or chess clock to play.  You also do not need to take Chess Notation (it is optional).

Can I Play?

Can My School Participate?

 The answer is YES if you can meet any of these Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Players in grades pre-K through High School who are enrolled in school in Virginia

  • Virginia residents who are attending K-12 school in WV, MD, NC, DE or an adjacent state or Washington, DC

  • Children of active duty military personnel who are stationed in Virginia

  • You are being Homeschooled in Virginia

  • Only Virginia-based schools may earn team points

  • If you have a question about Eligibility, click here to send us a note.

Why are we Playing Online this Year?
  • Under normal conditions our State Championships is an over-the-board tournament held in early March.  The COVID-19 pandemic, and its impacts on schools across the Commonwealth, makes this format impractical in the current schoolyear. 

  • To crown state champions the VA Chess Federation (VCF) will organize the events as described below.

  • See (and download) details and the full set of rules by clicking here.

How do we Register to Play? Click here to register ... REGISTER ME NOW!!
What do I need to do to Play?
  • Click on the Registration button above

  • The entry fee is $50 beginning Saturday March 13th. 

  • REGISTRATION CLOSES FOR ALL PLAYERS on Tuesday, March 16th at 10AM sharp!   No entries will be permitted after 10AM on March 16th.


  • All Players must be members of the US Chess Federation.  To join US Chess or renew your membership, go to  You DO NOT need to be a member of the Virginia Chess Federation, only the US Chess Federation.
What Equipment do I need to Play
  • A personal computer or laptop computer (players cannot play using a cell phone or tablet)

  • A stable internet connection

  • A reliable mouse or pointing device

  • You do NOT need a web camera to play

  • We will provide all players with more detailed instructions beginning in mid-February
  • We also plan to have a couple of "dial-in information meetings" for parents, coaches and players on Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 23rd and 24th.

     Equipment Question ... 

How are Players being Paired?
  • In most cases, players will be paired using the HIGHER of their US Chess ratings for Regular Over-the-Board and Online play as listed in the US Chess Rating Supplement being used for the tournament. The possibilities include:
    • Player has no Online Rating or Over-the-Board (OTB) rating:  This player is Unrated.
    • Player only has Blitz or Quick ratings, no regular Ratings:  The player is considered Unrated.
    • Player has an Online Regular Rating and no OTB regular Rating:  The Online Rating will be used.
    • Player has only an OTB regular rating:  The OTB rating will be used.
    • Player has a regular ratings in both OTB and Online systems:  The higher of the two ratings will be used.  Provisional Online ratings reflecting less than 10 games will not be used when compared to a regular OTB rating.
    • Player's OTB and Online regular ratings are both Provisional:  The higher of the two ratings will be used, even if they reflect fewer than 10 total games in either system.

  • Except as described above, players with "provisional" US Chess ratings are NOT considered unrated.

  • Unless it is completely avoidable, players will not be paired against teammates earlier than Round 3 of a Qualification Tournament. 
  • "Completely unavoidable" means more than 1/2 of the players in a Section or in a SCORE GROUP of that section are from the same school's team.
Why Should I play?
  • To earn Team Points for your school.  Schools whose players play in all three (3) Qualification events have a much better chance of maximizing their Team Points for the Team Awards after the last qualification tournament (see below).

  • To try and qualify for the State Scholastic Invitational Tournament

Individual and Team Awards
  • Each Qualification Tournament will award individual and Team place trophies based on the number players and Teams in each Section.

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