Fair Play / Anti-Cheating
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How is Fair Play being Monitored?
  • We are monitoring Fair Play DURING each round and AFTER the games

  • During the Games: The tournament staff will monitor all games in real time (e.g. while your game is in progress) to identify suspected violations of Fair Play

  • After the Games: Games will be analyzed after the tournament, and before prizes are awarded, to further identify Fair Play violations and/or re-examine suspicious games identified by screening DURING play.

  • EASE YOUR FEARS:  Although we are NOT using Chess.com, you can read this Chess.com article about Cheat Detection because we are following a similar approach.

What happens when Cheating is Suspected?

 Violations of Fair Play WILL NOT BE TOLERATED !!

  • During the Games:  The Chief Tournament Director reserves the right to eject from the tournament at any time any player suspected of violating Fair Play. If a player is ejected by the Chief TD, there is no recourse to re-enter the tournament -- you're out, period!! 
  • After the Games:  BEFORE we award any prizes, games will be professionally analyzed to determine if there are violations of Fair Play that went undetected during play.  If this happens, those games will undergo additional professonal analysis. 

  • Players whom the Chief TD determines have violated Fair Play will be disqualified from the event and all of their games turned into LOSSES.  These players should expect their actions to become grounds for an Ethics Complaint to the US Chess Federation.

Registration Procedures
  • During Registration, ALL PLAYERS are required to acknowledge and accept three (3) conditions to play:

    • That their moves and games will be monitored IN REAL TIME by the Tournament Staff for any indications of violating Fair Play

    • That the games of ALL PLAYERS are being monitored in precisely the same manner

    • That all games are subject to post-game analysis

A player who refuses to acknowledge ALL THREE of these requirements will not be allowed to enter the tournament!