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Player's System Requirements

To play in this tournament, you should have:

  1. A RELIABLE Internet connection.

  2. A good quality mouse, trackball or other pointing device that you are accustomed to using

  3. A good quality display screen for displaying your game window.

  4. A computer that you trust.  The only "window" you should have open during your play is the web browser showing your game on the server.  \

New - TD's Instructions

What Else Do I need
  • Do I need a chess clock?  NO, the clock shown on you computer console by the game server provider ( is the official time.  YOU CANNOT USE A SEPARATE CHESS CLOCK to keep the time of your game -- if you do, you are wasting your own time.  NO CLAIMS can be made using a separate clock.
  • Do I need my own Chess board and pieces?  NO, you don't need a separate chess board.  The on-screen chess board broadcast by the game service provider ( is the official board for the game. 

  • Do I need to take Notation?  You are not required to take notation, but it is allowed.  However, you CANNOT make a claim using your notation. 

    • If I can't make a claim with my notation, why should I take notation?  If the internet server crashes, your Notation may be used by the Tournament Director staff to help restore the position.

Internet Connection Issues
  • What happens if you get disconnected from the Internet? 
    • If you lose connectivity on your end, your clock will continue to run while you try to reconnect to the internet.  Once you reconnect, we strongly suggest you "Refresh" your web browser.

    • If the Game Service Provider's chess server "crashes", the TD Staff will restore positions to the last position recorded on the game server.  If the last recorded position is earlier than the actual point where your game crashed, you are not required to repeat the same moves.

  • What happens if I lose my connection before I make my first move?

    • Your game will be scored as a forfeit loss AND YOU WiLL NOT GET PAIRED for the next round

    • To get back into the tournament, you must send an email to at least 30 minutes before the next round begins.

"Mouse Slips"
  • What is a "Mouse Slip"?  A mouse slip occurs when you unintentionally release a piece on the wrong, but a legal square. 
  • What can I do if I experience a Mouse Slip in my game?  Nothing.  Mouse slips cannot be withdrawn, taken back or otherwise corrected ... THEY COUNT as your move in the game.

  • TEST YOUR EQUIPMENT on Friday evening at 8PM in accordance with the instructions you received from our Game Service Provider

Server Log-in Instructions

  • How do I prevent Mouse Slips?   Play some online games on any game service provider

What Happens if My Opponent Does not make his/her first move?
  • If your opponent doesn't make their first move, the game will be scored as a WIN for you.
  • Pairings will be created by the Tournament Staff using players' US Chess Regular ratings. If a player also has a US Chess ONLINE Regular rating, then we will be using the higher of those two ratings.  The pairings will be created by the Chief Tournament Director.
  • We will be using the OCTOBER 2020 US Chess Rating Supplement, which wll be published on the 17th or 18th of September.

  • For this tournament and for purposes of fair play, the Chief TD reserves the right to assign a rating to a player who has a rating in another rating system, including FIDE or  Players whose ratings are affected by this tournament rule will be notified by the Chief TD. 

  • Players should not expect prizes to be awarded until 2-3 weeks AFTER the tournament ends. 

  • The purpose of this delay is to allow time for the review of games for possible violations of Fair Play.