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Please do not contact the School about your Team Room

As of March 6, 2019

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  • We will allocate Team Rooms based on a combination of Team Size and the Date/Time of your request.  Once we assign specific rooms to teams, we will ask a responsible adult to sign a "Team Room Agreement."  We will email the Agreement form to Room POCs once we determine the final room allocation.

  • Requesting a room requires you to make a $75 Deposit. 

    • We use $50 of your deposit to purchase a gift-certificate to The Teacher Supply Store or Office Max for the teacher whose room you use.

    • If your room is returned in a clean manner, and the Teacher does not notify us of any post-event problems, then we return to you $25 of your Team Room Deposit.

    • We expect to get 15-20 rooms from the school, but those numbers are based on past experience and not on an agreement with the school.

         Request Team Room   <<== Click this button to request a team room.  ONLY TWO ROOMS REMAINING.

    • NOTE:  If the size of your team necessitates MORE THAN ONE ROOM, then you will be charged an additional $75 per room, which we will collect from the Team Room POC at the tournament site.

  • # Team Name Players Date of Request POC Paid?
    1 Thomas Jefferson HS for Sci &Tech 30 Nov 15, 2018 Karen Wiseman
    2 Lexington City Schools 20 Nov 25, 2018 Bob Danforth Yes
    3 Roanoke City Public Schools 20 Dec 1, 2018 Mickey Owens ??
    4 Maggie L. Walker Gov. School 10 Dec 7, 2018 Heather Kimmerly Yes
    5 McNair ES Room 1 30-40 Dec 9, 2018 Georgina Chin Yes
    6 McNair ES Room 2 30-40 Dec 9, 2018 Georgina Chin Yes
    7 Silver Knights Chess 20 Dec 17, 2018 Laura Crowell Yes
    8 Bull Run Elementary 16 Jan 7, 2019 Chun S. Ra Yes
    9 Hampton Roads Chess Association #1 30 Jan 10, 2019 Tina Schweiss Yes
    10 Hampton Roads Chess Association #2 30 Jan 10, 2019 Tina Schweiss Yes
    11 Phoenix Chess Club 30 Jan 21, 2019 Ying Liu Yes
    12 VA Commonwealth Chess Kids 20 Jan 22, 2019 Joseph Calapati Yes
    13 Kent Gardens Elementary 24 Feb 13, 2019 Susie Cho Yes
    14 Rocky Run MS 30 Mar 1, 2019 Xiukun Chang Yes
    15 Chantilly High School 15 Mar 4, 2019 Catherine Dao Yes
    16 Hampton Roads Chess Association #3 30 Mar 5, 2019 Tina Schweiss Yes
    17 Available        
    18 Available        
    19 Chess Tournament Headquarters n/a n/a Mr. Bart Mebane n/a

If you need information sooner, please contact Mike Hoffpauir by email to, or call Mike at 757-846-4805.