2018 Virginia Scholastic & College Chess Championships
Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- March 2-4, 2018
at William Fleming High School in Roanoke, VA
Please do not contact the School for Tournament Details

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  • The weekend has three separate events ... you must register separately for each of them.  The "Main Event" is Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd and 4th -- see below

  • EVENT #1:  Friday Night, March 2nd:  The BLITZ Tournament.  This is an optional (but very fun!!) event, the results have no impact on determining the 2018 Virginia Scholastic & College Champions.
    Register NOW for Blitz      See Who's Playing

    • 4 Rounds, Three Sections (K-5, K-12 and College).  Round 1 at 6:00 PM.  College Section will be cancelled or merged with K-12, if there are fewer than 5 players or if all 5 College players are from the same team.

    • The Early Entry Fee with your Registration is $20 per person.   The Early Payment Period ends at midnight on Monday, Feb 26th.  Beginning Tuesday, Feb 27th, the Blitz Entry Fee increases to $30.

    • The Entry Fee is $30 if you Register for Blitz after Monday Feb 26th, including if you wait to Register at the tournament site.  REGISTER AND PAY BEFORE FEB 26th to avoid the increased entry fee.

    • On-site Registration for Blitz opens at 4 PM and ends at 5:15 PM!!  Entries received after 5:15 will be paired for Round 2.  Register early and avoid standing in line at the last minute!!

    • All players MUST BRING A CHESS CLOCK to play.

    • We will be using the US Chess Federation's Scholastic Rules for Blitz.  Click here to read them.

    • Also, please read our detailed BLITZ RULES page.

    • For mail-in registration, see the bottom of this page.

    • Click here to see the Awards for Blitz.

  • EVENT #2:  THE MAIN EVENT:  Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd and 4th
    This is the Virginia Scholastic & College Chess Championship Event
    Register Now for the Main Event      See who's Playing

    • 6 Rounds ... with 4 games on Saturday and 2 games are on Sunday.  College plays only 4 rounds, all on Saturday.

    • Click here to see the detailed schedule for both days of the tournament.  Round 1 is at 9AM on Saturday;  Round 5 is at 8:30AM on Sunday morning.

    • Click here to read the RULES for the Main Event.

    • All Players will be grouped into 5 Sections based on their grade in school (K-3, K-5, K-8, K-12, and College).  Click here to see the Awards for the Main Event.

    • The Discounted (Early) Entry Fee for the main tournament is $50, and you can pay using PayPal when you Register online.  The Discounted Payment period ends at midnight on Monday, Feb 26th.  Entry Fee increases to $65 beginning Tuesday, Feb 27th.

    • For mail-in registration, see the bottom of this page.

    • Note:  $3.00 from every player's entry supports sending Virginia's representatives to the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, the National Girls Invitational Tournament, and the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions ... all in late July and early August 2018 during the U.S. Open.  This year those events will be held in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • EVENT #3:  Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd and 4thA "Parents & Friends" (P&F) Tournament.
    Register Now for P&F      See who's Playing

    • 4 Rounds of USCF-rated games.  Rounds 1, 2 and 3 on Saturday at G/45 time control, and Round 4 on Sun. at G/60, with a 5-second time delay used for all 4 rounds.

    • Click here to see the P&F Tournament's rules and time schedule.

    • The P&F Tournament is for adults only (parents, coaches, family friends and other adult players).  No scholastic or college players can play in the P&F event who would otherwise be eligible to compete in the Scholastic or College sections. 

    • USCF Membership is required to play.

    • Entry Fee is $25 if paid by midnight on Monday Feb 26th, $35 starting Tuesday Feb 27th and on site.  You can pay using PayPal when you Register online.

    • Prizes:  All prizes will be Gift Certificates to the Book Store.  Gift Certificates MAY NOT be exchanged for cash.

    • For mail-in registration, see the bottom of this page. 


    • On-Site Check-in & Registration opens at 4 PM on Friday March 2nd at William Fleming High School

    • Registration will remain open until 9PM, so teams and players who need to check in can do so.

    • On-site Registration for BLITZ will close at 5:15PM SHARP!!  Blitz Round 1 is at 6 o'clock.

  • Registration by U.S. Mail:  We encourage everyone to register on-line, but we do accept registration by US Mail for all events.  Please Click here to download the Tournament Flyer and Mail-in Registration Form. The form you send is on page 2 of the 2-page flyer.  If you register on-line, you do not need to send in a registration by US Mail.

    • Your Mail-in Entry and payment(s) must be post-marked by Monday, Feb 26th to ensure we get it.

If you need information sooner, please contact Mike Hoffpauir, VCF Scholastics Coordinator by email to, or call Mike at 757-846-4805.